Every now and then you get a project that from the outset, you know is going to be a whole heap of fun. This is one of those projects!

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalaya's in the heart of Pokhara, Nepal is Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club. Run by thirty year old Australian, Matt Gardner, the 'club' organizes motorcycle tours for bikers, enthusiastic tourists or anyone with a sense of adventure. Nothing too off the wall about that you might think, until you realize what you'll be riding... vintage Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Matt Gardner

A motorcylce enthusiast himself, Matt has spent the past couple of years in Nepal hunting down old Royal Enfield bikes and getting them back into shape. He now has six bikes ranging from the 350 Bullet to the 500 Classic, each of them with their own distinct character and personality. Coupled with the mountain road's full of twists and turns, switchbacks and amazing vistas, it's a bikers wet dream! Even for the novice rider, to hit the open road on one of these machines, is an amazing experience.

This October we'll be traveling to Nepal to produce a short film about Hearts & Tears and how a 30 year old Australian ended up riding Royal Enfields around Nepal for a living.

Sound like fun? Yeah, we think so too!

If you'd like your brand to be involved in this project, or if you feel you have something to contribute personally, please get in touch through the form below!

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Client: Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club

Executive Producer: Ian Carless

Producer: Anisha Narayan

Director: TBC

Camera: Steve Moro

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All pics courtesy, Hearts & Tears.