Not every project we work on is for a big multinational. We recently wrapped up a series of webisodes for Dubai based weight loss consultant Ahlaam Ali.

To coincide with the launch of her new book, the Hotties Handbook, Ahlaam asked us to devise a series of 'helpful hints' and 'tips' web videos based around her book. Being an SME*, budgets were naturally at a premium and so the production had to maximize every cent. 

To keep location costs down we shot the 'healthy eating' segments in Ahlaam's house in the morning. And in the afternoon moved to our EP's house to shoot the 'nutrition' tips . Scripts were written in house, hair and make-up was done by Ahlaam herself and the Autocue operated by Anisha, our Producer! The rest of the crew comprised of our Executive Producer, Ian and cameraman Steve French. 

Despite the skeleton crew, the final result was 20 x 2-3 minute clips covering a variety of health tips ranging from 'how to kickstart your metabolism' to 'how to make a spicy prawn salad'! Not a bad effort for a one and half day shoot and a few days post. Check out one of the videos in the series below. 

* small medium enterprise


Healthy Alternatives to Naughty Foods | Ahlaam Ali