The first episode of Persil Arwa Abaya Season 6 went live this month. This year the long running web series takes a new direction, choosing to focus on six established Ayaba designers from around the MENA region. Episode 1 kicked off with the two Omani sisters, Lubna and Nadia of Endemage. 

Filming took place in Oman over two days as well as three days in Dubai. The majority of the content was shot with a Cannon C100 with a 5DMkII as a second camera. As a production house we've long been open proponents of DLSR technology, using them on many of the projects we produce. In the right hands they can produce stunning results. The C100 proved especially useful when traveling to Oman, it's small size allowing us to bypass the need to get carnet's etc, etc. 

Six designers have been earmarked for the 2014 season of Persil Arwa Abaya. Local Emirati designer Lamya Abedin of Queen of Spades is the next to be featured. 


Endemage | Persil Arwa Abaya 2014


Executive Producer & Director: Ian Carless

Producer: Anisha Narayan

Camera: Steve Moro

Post Production: Talkabout Media

Agency: FUSE